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About Tom

In short: I am a Los Angeles-based photographer and I love artistically capturing beauty from around the world while exploring different cultures and lifestyles.
LA is where it’s at!

And in other words: Born and raised in West Berlin, I grew up around world heritage sites and international influences, but I also saw the austere confinement on the East side of the city. Free myself, I began early to travel, experiencing and photographing more cultural diversity. The night that the Berlin Wall was torn down, I witnessed the transcendence of freedom on people’s faces and later the flourishing of the cultural landscape. Wanting to share the beauty of freedom from around the world, I increased my traveling and discovered more subjects of photography. After completing my education, I eventually incorporated basic architectural photography into my real estate career. Continuing to travel, I became a global citizen and a passionate amateur photographer. Always attracted by shape, texture and color, studying graphic design felt natural to me, even if I am not good at drawing. Lucky for me, we entered the Digital Age.


When I picked up my first SLR camera, I didn’t realize that one day I would dive into photography and become so passionate as to cross oceans to master the art. Introduced to the infinite possibilities of light shaping and modification in various scenarios, I felt as I had rediscovered light and photography for the first time. My fascination led me to learn everything about it, studying the art in New York City, taking workshops with renowned artists and buying high-end gear. Finally, I cast off my conventional lifestyle, and I dove into my art full-time. For a year, I exclusively traveled the world and created a professional portfolio with extraordinary images from around the globe. Now at home in the City of Angels, I’m enjoying my on-going discovery of people photography. Let’s get in touch!


Know your craft like an engineer but compose and light like an artist